Sundown Standing Desk


Adam Paskow and David Sutton's work "Sundown" sits atop a steel frame that smoothly raises and lowers with the touch of a button.

INSPIRING. Saturated with color, this vibrant standing desk enlivens any workspace. 

STRONG. Our standing desk has an FSC certified baltic birch plywood top, a dual motor, and a 100% steel frame which can hold up to 250lbs. To ensure you can use this desk for the long haul, we use threaded metal inserts so you can easily assemble and disassemble your standing desk without the drama of wood screws. 

WHITEBOARD MARKER SAFE. Coated with Chassie’s Remarkable Wood finish, the desktop is stain resistant and whiteboard-marker safe, allowing you to write notes directly onto your desktop and wipe clean again. 

HIGH TECH. Raises and lowers electronically from 27.5 to 46.5 inches high in seconds and upgradeable with Invisible Charging for your wireless devices. The control handset has four memory settings and easy up/down buttons to adjust the height. 

CUSTOM. Desk sizing can be made-to-measure up to 59 x 29 inches and we would love to work with you on any special shapes, edge colors, and features for your new desk. 

Email with any questions or custom order requests.

Floating Shelf

A crystal clear lucite shelf floats below the frontside of your desk. Suspended by classic Chassie 'X' spacers, the 10x27 inch shelf offers a static resting place for a keyboard, notebook, or laptop.