Our Story

We are a furniture studio consisting of five amazing craftsman based in the Bronx that specialize in making custom desks, tables, and furniture. 

Our Founder's Story - I'm Andrew Daines. I was born and raised in New York City and I launched Chassie in the spring of 2020 based on a simple truth. You might spend a quarter of your life at a desk. It's where you do your life's work. That truth led me to an idea: a desk should be be remarkably functional, wildly creative and uniquely you. Desks like that would inspire people to bring greater passion and creativity to their life's work - and building them would become my life's work.

As we've refined what Chassie is and evolved as a brand, we've had to stick to our guns. We could never be sure that anyone would want such a radical desk. We could have started with a coffee table! But our life's work is to help make your life's work more full of creativity and passion with a wonderful workspace. I hope you dig it.   


Chassie Founders

Meet Andrew & Jane

We started Chassie in 2019 to help people bring more creativity and passion to their life's work. We do everything from our Bronx studio, where we collaborate with artists and produce every piece ourselves.

We are equally passionate about the art, technology, and craft that go into each piece. We've loved getting to know our customers - especially on custom projects - who have something specific in mind. Whether you're an artist, designer, or (home) office worker we'd love to work with you on something special.

Chassie Launch 2020

The Last Great Party (For A While) In NYC

February 25th, 2020 we debuted original designs from 13 New York City artists at an absolute rager at Daylight Studios in Manhattan. The launch was covered by New York Magazine, Curbed, and Architecture Digest. We briefly ran out of cups an coat hangers.

Remarkable Wood

Practical & Playful

We think furniture should be practical and playful. That's why Chassie's art print desk designs are printed directly into the fibers of FSC Certified baltic birch plywood and then top-coated with an eco-friendly UV coating for maximum durability.

But every desk is out there is durable, so we apply an extra high sheen gloss and Fuji green-certified low VOC whiteboard additive to the top-coating so that your desk is now a full-on whiteboard.

We know all about cheap whiteboards and lousy whiteboard paints that discolor and lose their gloss - trust us when we say our: Chassie desks wipe clean.

Invisible Charging

No More Spaghetti Wires

We really hate messy cables, so Chassie desks come with optional Invisible Charging - our unique way of powering mobile devices through the desk's surface.

We embed a Qi 1.2.4 dual coil wireless charger near the surface of your desktop, capable of 10W power transfer and compatible with virtually all major smartphones manufactured since 2017, including iPhones X and up.

Just put your phone down and power up.

Something Special

For Your Life's Work

We know that you could end up spending a quarter of your life at a Chassie desk. We take that responsibility very seriously. Your desk should be high tech and functional, and it should inspire you to bring ever greater creativity and passion to your life's work.