Collection: Steadfast Animals

Hannah Fitzgerald (b. 1997, Bronx, New York) is a Brooklyn based artist and Chassie collaborator. She captures her chosen subjects in incredible detail, showcasing a rare talent for scientific specificity in graphite on paper.

In the Steadfast Animals collection, Hannah has managed to translate rich, shaded works into simpler line drawings placed in stark relief on a natural birch surface. This choice allows the natural world to shine through and surround the trio of Octopus, Bird of Paradise, and Bees that complete her stunning collection. 

As a member of the School of Visual Arts' famed Bio Art Lab in New York City, Hannah's work is part of a sustained multi-disciplinary effort to employ the tools of science in the creation of artistic works and the methods of art to further scientific research. Her works for Chassie will inspire you as you go about your life's work by reminding you of the vast and precious natural world beyond the walls of your office. 

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