Working at home can either be a dream come true or a major challenge with endless distractions. Your workspace plays a vital role in determining which of these situations you’ll find yourself in on Monday morning. Fortunately, creating the perfect home office doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Use the home office tips below to learn how to set up a home office you will love and that encourages productivity.

Location, Location, Location

Where you choose to work can affect your ability to concentrate, depending on the amount of privacy you have and the proximity to distracting people or activities. Aim to set up a home office with good lighting in a remote part of the house, with a neutral and pleasing background for video calls.

Find a Chair That’s Just Right

Goldilocks didn’t settle for the first chair she sat on, and neither should you. Shop around for a chair with good back support, arm and headrests, adjustable height, and any other features you need to sit comfortably for extended periods. You’ll be glad you made this investment when you don’t have back and neck pain at the end of each shift. Don’t forget to adjust your computer monitor to the right height as well. Good posture and periodic breaks to stretch and walk around should be a high priority.

Desk Design

Another great way to help with good posture and prevent stiffness from sitting all day is to choose a desk that can be used standing up. Chassie Adjustable Standing Desks can switch back and forth with the touch of a button for versatility, comfort, and maximum productivity throughout your day. When you get stiff from sitting, you can simply raise the desk to standing height, then lower it again whenever you’re ready.

Storage & Supplies

If you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to a home office, you still need to consider making space for storage. You’ll save a lot of time if all your files and supplies are within easy reach and well organized. Use plastic storage bins, decorative boxes and baskets, or compact and functional filing cabinets. Consider cabinets with locks for sensitive or important items, and don’t forget to take advantage of the vertical space with plenty of shelving.

Let in the Light

If possible, choose a room in the house with plenty of natural light. Although the artificial glow of a computer screen can seem harmless, it may put unnecessary strain on your eyes and cause headaches. Natural light from a window can help combat this strain and improve your mood, both of which positively impact productivity. If you do not have the option to set up a home office near a window, add plenty of ambient, diffused light using lamps with lampshades.

Make It Personal

Finally, add some personality to your office space using items that lift your mood or reduce stress. Plants, photographs, framed art, wall color, and other decor will elevate the energy in the room and help you feel as though you are in a professional environment. Try to make it a place you look forward to going to every day. Avoid over decorating and clutter, however, or it will be more difficult to stay on task.

How to Set Up a Home Office With Chassie

Check out Chassie for more home office tips and to find beautiful and functional desks for any space. Learn how to set up a home office with a desk design that will feed your creativity while making comfort a priority.