Did you know pigeons can be trained to distinguish the paintings of Claude Monet  + Pablo Picasso? They also served as critical messengers in WWI + WWII, saving hundreds of lives. If you take a closer gander at them, you'll see how stunningly iridescent their feathers look in the sun.

Pigeon in the Park by Rebecca Schiffman

Yet, we often coldly tolerate their unique, bobbing presences. "Rats with wings," some folks call them.

I'm writing about pigeons because I believe we've been appreciating them in the same way we've been appreciating desks. Desks are meant to be our personal refuge for unfettered creativity, productivity, and inventive thinking; they're where we do our life's work. However, for too long, we've been looking at our desks as a means to an end. We often tuck them away in unassuming corners, out of plain sight, usually because they look messy and uninspiring. At Chassie, we don't see desks like that.
Andrew, Edgar and I truly want to build you something meaningful - a desk that will make you feel personally fulfilled. We want your one-of-a-kind Chassie desk to reflect the one-of-a-kind ambitions and creative energy you'll bring to it. 

This all circles back to my point about pigeons. I decided to design a Chassie pigeon to represent of the untapped potential and beauty of objects, things, and even parts of ourselves that tend to go unnoticed and underappreciated. 

Helping launch Chassie has been one of my life's greatest and most meaningful privileges. Our team is tiny, but mighty, and we've spent a whole year working to make The Chassie Desk everything a desk truly should be. We can't wait for you to see your desk in a whole new way. 

-Diana Regal, Marketing Director, Chassie