Working from home may give you permission to stay in your pajamas and run your business from your couch, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. In fact, creating a great home office can make all the difference in your productivity, the quality of your work, and your ability to be creative.


Choosing the best home office layout is essential if you want to make the most of your workday. Here’s how to create a layout that works no matter what industry you work in.


Choose the Right Arrangement

Every home office is unique, and that means you’ll need to create a layout that works for your space and your needs. As a general rule, try to set up your office space in a bright room and near a window so you won’t feel stifled or claustrophobic during long work sessions.


Try to arrange furniture like your desk, filing cabinets, and bookshelves so everything is within easy reach. This way, you’ll be able to maintain your workflow with ease.


Make Use of Great Lighting

Ask any office worker, and they’ll tell you the same thing: you can’t overlook the importance of good lighting in the workplace. Natural lighting is almost always easier on your eyes, so take advantage of it when you can. Set your office space up in a part of your home that’s bright and well-lit without artificial light. Then, invest in high-quality lamps and light fixtures to brighten things up when the sun goes down.


You’re free to get creative with your home office lighting ideas. Choose decorative lamps that reflect your sense of style. Just make sure they provide adequate light for your space.


Prioritize Movement

Sitting still for long periods can end up making you less productive and have a negative impact on your workday. You need to move around and get the blood flowing if you want to be creative and able to focus deeply on your work.


Find ways to make movement easy in your office space. Invest in a sit-stand desk so you can change up your position throughout the day. Clear enough space in the room to walk around and stretch when you start to stiffen up. If you have room, consider adding some fidget toys or interactive desk ornaments to help you redirect your focus as needed.


Keep Things Clean

Even small amounts of clutter can be a distraction and keep you from doing great work even if you have the best home office layout. Try to keep surfaces free from junk and items you don’t need to have on hand.


Once you have a layout in mind, you’ll be able to figure out how to organize your office in a way that works for you. Keep in mind that even the most well-organized office space will need regular cleaning and tidying. Be ready to go through items collecting on your desk at least once a week. This will help you stay on top of things and keep the clutter from building up.


Ditch the Distractions

The best home office layout minimizes distractions on its own. Set up your space away from the main activity hubs in your home and try to choose a location with a door so you can have privacy as needed.


If you notice certain things like televisions and radios distracting you, remove them from the space.


Find Ways to Spark Joy

Your office space doesn’t have to be devoid of personality to help you be your most productive self. In fact, keeping things impersonal can actually be a distraction in and of itself. Find ways to make your office space a place you enjoy spending time. The best way to do that is to decorate your office.


Invest in artwork you enjoy or make it functional by choosing a desk engraved with a unique design. Add plants to your layout and bring a bit of nature indoors. Whatever brings a smile to your face is fair game.


Pay Attention to Ergonomics

No matter what methods you use to create the best home office layout, make sure you’re comfortable. Prioritize ergonomics at your workstation. Use an adjustable chair with back support. Upgrade to an ergonomic keyboard and mouse setup and use a standing pad to take pressure off your joints when you stand at your desk.


These simple improvements can make all the difference in your comfort level while you’re working.


The Best Home Office Layout Is One You’ll Use

Use these tips, and you’ll be able to create the best home office layout for your work style. Once you do, you’ll be able to focus and get more done with ease.