Artist Background

Michael Hamlett Jr is a co-founder of The Bronx Brand, a platform for creatives in his hometown—the Bronx, New York. The Bronx Brand is a streetwear brand, magazine, podcast, and web series that showcases the creative community and its members in the Bronx. 

Learn more about The Bronx Brand and support the company at You can also check out Michael’s YouTube channel.


How Michael Joined Chassie as a Desk Artist

Michael was impressed with Chassie’s focus on working with local artists from the community. He liked the way they provide a different medium for these artists to express themselves and was eager to get involved. As someone who encourages artists and supports the creative community, it was exciting for him to contribute to the creation of desks for artists and give them a space to do their best work.


Michael’s Desk Art

Michael’s desk design for Chassie is fittingly titled The Bronx Brand Desk. It features a stained glass design in a monochromatic gray-toned color scheme and includes his arms-crossed brand logo.


The original concept involved a repeated pattern of The Bronx Brand logo, which is an image of two arms crossed to create an X. It also created an effect that resembled marble. The design evolved to include hexagons instead of the brand logo, as a tribute to the hexagon tile used in buildings all over The Bronx. Hundreds of tiny hexagons are used on Michael’s desks for artists to create the appearance of a rippling striped pattern when looking at the desk from a distance. The logo is still included but is less prominent. 

Michael’s life’s work is to showcase the creativity of The Bronx, which is why he hopes that everyone who uses this desk will feel like they have a piece of The Bronx with them in their home or workplace.


Become a Fan

In addition to purchasing your own desk featuring the artistic renderings of Michael Hamlett Jr, you can follow him on social media for even more inspiration and to keep up with The Bronx Brand company.