Aubrey and Jeremy formerly hosted a long-running event series for cartoonists and animators before collaborating with Chassie to create stunning desks for artists.

Aubrey Nolan is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and illustrator whose life goals are to create visually engaging illustrations and tell empathetic and compelling stories through comics and writing. Her work has been featured by numerous publications, including those listed below and more.

Jeremy Nguyen lives in Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been featured in several notable publications, including the ones mentioned below.

How Aubrey & Jeremy Joined Chassie Designing Desks for Artists

Aubrey and Jeremy were excited about the opportunity to create a unique desktop design. Check out what they had to say about it.

“The idea of a customizable desk for creators whose life largely rotates about work created in a home workspace really resonated with me. And, of course, I jumped at the chance to work with Jeremy!”    


“I was really excited to work with my talented colleague Aubrey on a design that would be printed on a desk surface. We loved many of the innovative solutions that Chassie came up with for hiding plugs, and for having art and customization all over their desks. Being able to put my designer hat on to make work specifically for this medium was a challenge and we had plenty of fun making it.”


Inspiration for the Uptown/Downtown Desk

Aubrey and Jeremy’s design is called The Uptown/Downtown Desk and includes colorful New York-style subway art. 


The artists wanted to pay tribute to their beloved New York City and enable other artists to bring a piece of it home and into their own studios. This meant creating a desk design to find a real-life concept, away from their desks, and bring it back to put on an actual desk. 

They were inspired by the artists who perform using the space of subway stations and cars as their venue. These performers are artists with a lot of freedom to express themselves “untainted, unblemished, putting themselves out there for the public to experience, judge, and enjoy,” as Jeremy puts it. 

Creating the illustrations for these fun desks for artists reminds Aubrey and Jeremy to have the same attitude in their own work. They hope those who use their desks will feel a piece of the vitality and diversity of NYC and its residents and remember the art that exists out in the world and the importance of bringing that creative spirit back into their workspaces.